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Development and transfer of knowledge, skills and technology in the field of the Sea and Blue Economy. Namely in domains such as:

design, decarbonization, digitization of the economy

ocean sensing

Offshore e Energia




University of Coimbra

With an impressive historical heritage, the University of Coimbra celebrates its 730th anniversary in 2020.

Today, the University of Coimbra has eight Faculties (Letters, Law, Medicine, Science and Technology, Pharmacy, Economics, Psychology and Education Sciences, Sports Sciences and Physical Education) and over 22 thousand students..

message from the president of seapower

Professor Luís Simões da Silva

The economy of the sea or blue economy has been presented as a strategic opportunity for Portugal, mainly due to the huge Portuguese continental shelf in the Atlantic Ocean. SEAPOWER was created precisely to provide an effective response to this challenge, by bringing together entities from a scientific system and companies operating in the sector of the economy of the sea. The installation of SEAPOWER in Figueira da Foz aims to maximize synergies with the Port and Ocean Infrastructures to increase the competitiveness of the sector, helping the effective transfer of knowledge generated in research institutions to the economy.


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